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professional commercial flooring service in progress

There is an endless catalogue of commercial flooring materials available to business owners. Deciding on the floor that will best serve your particular operations with a long-lasting and stylish nature can be a difficult decision. The floor of your building will see to a high amount of foot traffic and will set the tone of design and appearance for your space. A floor that is easy to maintain, resilient to high usage and impacts, and one that works for the purpose of your business sounds like a tall order. Our professionals are proficient in analysing your space and suggesting an optimal flooring option to best utilise and enhance your business space.

Laminate and Vinyl Tiles and Flooring

Selecting to install a laminate or vinyl tile floor is almost an unbeatable choice with the large variety of designs, colors, and prices. The durability and waterproof nature of these floors can be an impressive asset to a commercial estate. A professional application of laminate and vinyl requires specific training as it involves chemical and glue materials. Our expert floor contractors use their specialised skillset to create a smooth laminate floor foundation that will withstand high levels of foot traffic and maintain its seamless, professional finish.

Benefits of Tiled Commercial Areas

Tiled flooring is a very attractive option to improve a commercial buildings area as it is affordable, easily cleaned, and can be replaced relatively easily if cracks or breakages occur. Our professional company has measured and fit tiles in a variety of textures, designs and colors for countless businesses in the area. We are proud to use high quality epoxy grout and adhesives coupled with industry grade heavy machinery to fit and install a superb tiled floor for your space. Our team works hard to guarantee the longest possible lifetime of your new tiled floor area.

Carpet Tiles and Commercial Cleaning Services

Carpet flooring within a business, office, or room creates a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere. With the benefits of acoustic noise dampening, carpeting can achieve the quiet workspace business managers everywhere dream of. Our expert team have worked with this versatile medium to create luxurious and functional commercial spaces for countless buildings. We are proud to offer maintenance and cleaning services for when your commercial carpet begins to show signs wear and tear. Allow us to bring you industry know-how and expert cleaning skills to optimise your operational areas.

Restoration and Refurbished Flooring Professionals

We are proud to hold the title of best floor contractors in the tri-state area. We work with a passion and determination to provide premium floors to any area no matter its size. We have served countless businesses and individuals with a complete floor overhaul; cleaning, polishing, buffering, and replacing floor materials to ensure the safest and most attractive possible foundations. We boast our use of high quality sealants and stains that nourish and protect a wide variety of floorings. With expert application we guarantee your commercial flooring will be an absolute addition to your business from the outset and throughout its life.

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