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professional hardwood flooring service in progress

Only true professional flooring contractors know the satisfaction that comes from an expertly finished floor. Our team have decades of experience in the flooring industry and have worked with an endless list of floor material varieties. We are qualified in the use and manipulation of flooring materials such as hardwood, bamboo flooring, and cork. Customers have contacted us to receive professional advice on the best floor for their home, lifestyle, and interior design. We are determined to work with our clients to produce a result that will enhance their lives and homes while remaining long-lasting and stylish for many years to come.

Benefits of Hardwood Floors

Residential homes and commercial business spaces alike are instantly enhanced with the addition of a solid hardwood floor. The reliable and ultra modern appearance of a hardwood floor boasts incredible benefits within a room. This popular floor material is installed, polished, and sealed with a specialised skillset in our company. Our team work with a variety of lumbers, polished or unpolished hardwoods and offer our customers this range with professional advice on which flooring will compliment and enhance their space the best. Invite the warmth, beauty, and durability of hardwood floors into your life.

Cleaning, Maintaining, and Refurbishing Hardwood Floors with Expertise

A beautifully created hardwood floor is a very resistant, and low maintenance material, but with years of heavy foot traffic and typical dirt and debris - the lumber can begin to show signs of a dull appearance and ageing texture. Our keen professional floor contractors utilise their hardwood know-how to assess the quality of your hardwood floors to remedy its appearance. We sand, re-polish, reseal and condition your lumber to return it to its natural, deluxe state of being. Cleaning and maintaining your investment will serve your residence for decades to come.

Professional Bamboo Flooring Installation

Professional contractors should remain up to date with updated floor installation techniques and materials. Bamboo flooring is a relatively new material available to homes and businesses and our proficient floor contractors are proud to offer advanced bamboo floor installation. Bamboo flooring is a sustainable material that compliments any area with its stylish appearance and eco-friendly identity. When professionally installed, a bamboo floor is low maintenance, easy to clean and remains resistant to scratches, scuffs, and dents. Contact our efficient team to install a hyper functional and attractive bamboo floor in your space.

Creating Cork Floors with Innovative Technology

With more and more people turning to natural, sustainable options in life - it is no wonder why cork floors are flooding the market. Cork floors consist of material taken from the bark of trees and achieves a gorgeous, natural appearance when installed by flooring experts. Our team are adept at installing cork floors that offer comfort to walk upon, durable against stains, cracking, and scuffs and is safe with its fire-resistance and ‘green’ nature. We are proud to conduct our business with an emphasis on sustainability by revitalising spaces around our area with polished cork floorings.

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