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Whether you are building a new home, or refreshing your space from the ground up, an endless list of flooring options await your selection. This decision may be one of the most important that you face when refurbishing a home as the foundation of a room is the ground you will build around, use the most frequently, and rely upon to remain long-lasting. It requires a professional to truely understand the significance of each flooring element needed for a family to then advise on materials and variety to then finally provide a peak installation. Our team are proficient in offering and installing an impressive range of types and styles of floors for you to select from.

Hardwood Installation and Protection

Durable, natural, and modern; a professionally finished hardwood floor acts as not just the foundation of a room but can be the highlight and feature of a space. Easy to maintain when expertly installed and sealed, a hardwood floor can withstand years of use whether it be moving furniture, red wine and food spills, or daily scuffs and scratches. Our professional team work with a variety of lumbers to provide our customs with the choice of natural looks and grains to skilfully install and stain achieving a gorgeous, chic hardwood floor for your home.

Tile Flooring and Upkeep

Considered the easiest and most durable flooring option, a tile can display a huge variety of coloursĀ  and styles to match any room. The versatility and long-lasting nature of a tile is enhanced by the fact the price of a variety of tiles will fit within any budget. We boast Portlands widest selection of tiles to create the functional and stylish floor you are aiming for. We have trained for years to develop innovative tile installation techniques, because of this we guarantee a seamless and professional tile installation inside and outside your home.

Carpet Cleaning, Care, and Cost

The variety of carpet colors, patterns, textures, sizes, and prices can be an overwhelming and anxiety-inducing selection. This carpet will serve your room for years and will need to remain attractive and functional for your family. Allow our industrious team to assess your rooms and lifestyle to advise you on the optimal style of carpet you will be bound to love. Carpet is a luxurious and budget friendly flooring option that absolutely requires a professional installation. Our team eliminate any potential risks a poorly applied carpet can host such as trapped moisture and mould, premature lifting, and ill-fitting carpeting within your room. Our expert skills allows you peace of mind during installation, and luxurious carpet enjoyment for your home for years to come.

Professional Linoleum Application and Removal

Laminate, or linoleum flooring has recently become a popular choice of flooring due to its cost effective, stylish finishes. A professional application of linoleum is of the utmost importance, if left as a DIY application linoleum flooring runs the risk of lifting prematurely, hosting air bubbles and deteriorating the foundation work beneath the laminate. Our team have served countless homes with our wide range of styled, patterned and colored linoleums applied seamlessly and professionally.

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